How long is the training program?

Our training is four weeks long, totaling 160 hours of instruction. The first and second weeks are primarily classroom time where you study for and obtain your permit while learning the rules of the road.  You will also receive training on map reading, trip planning and logging. The third and fourth weeks are primarily hands on skills training that ends with your passing the CDL test. You will receive training on your pre-trip inspection, backing, shifting and street driving with an emphasis on safety throughout.

Where is the training conducted?

The Career Tech Truck Driver Training School is located at 1755 Olive Street,  Lakeland Florida  33815.

When do CDL Training Classes start?

We start classes every Monday for your convenience.

Are there tuition reimbursement programs?

Many of the trucking companies we work with offer CDL training tuition reimbursement. Over time, tuition reimbursement greatly reduces the amount of money that you will invest in your truck driver training. Ask your recruiter for more details.

Will I be pre-hired before my training begins?

CT will give you assistance to have a job lined up before you graduate. There is no guarantee that after training you will have a job though or even be employable in the industry. We prefer to make sure you are employable with a good company before you start school. Our recruiting staff will work with you to obtain a job offer before you invest in your training. Your “pre-hire” will be contingent upon passing a D.O.T. Physical and Drug Screen. You will also be required to graduate with a Class A CDL

Will I be required to sign a contract?

No! You will be responsible for the cost of your tuition so you will not be required to sign an employment agreement. Your recruiter will work with you regarding the different options for paying the tuition cost. Many of the carriers we work with offer tuition reimbursement so you can reduce the amount you actually paid over time.

How much money can I make?

As a first-year driver you can expect to make up to $40,000 depending on the company and what type of driving position you obtain. Up to $50,000 your second year and considerably more with gained experience.

What are some of the basic qualifications?

You must be at least 21 years of age. No DUI’s in the past 5 years. No felonies involving theft, sexual behavior, violence, or drugs in the past 10 years. You must have a valid drivers license.

Do I have to take a drug test and/or physical?

You will be required to take and pass both a DOT physical and drug screen while in school. The cost of both the physical and drug screen will be covered by your tuition.

What types of driving jobs and home time can I expect?

You can expect to start your driving career in the irregular route, OTR (over the road,) segment of the industry. This means that you will be away from home, on average, for a period of two weeks at a time. As a “rule of thumb,” you can expect to receive one day at home for every week spent on the road but you will need to check with the carrier you choose with our assistance. Once you have gained a year of experience, many more opportunities become available. Even better, many drivers find that during their first year other opportunities become available like a regional route for example.

What companies do you place drivers with?

We take a lot of pride in providing a quality training program and during the training program, our instructors and job placement office counselors learn about what type of job is most desirable our students. We realize the training is really just a necessity to get you into a good job where you can make a lot more money and have better benefits for your family. We focus on placing our students with an employer that we believe has a strong focus on providing a good mix of pay and benefits to new drivers including tuition reimbursement.

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